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They said "KNOW YOUR WHY"

I am a writer. It is my calling, my art, and my salvation.

Call it career 4.0 or thereabouts. My professional adventures span computer coding, business strategy, design, and digital startups with a fascination with all things Artificial Intelligence, tech unicorns, algorithms, and bots. It's all connected, I swear.


I am a photographer. An iPhone photographer, to be clear.  

And I use Instagram with wild abandon as part of my creative process. It is my meditation. The images live in my writing.

The heart takes all the pictures. I just listen.


I am a researcher. An explorer.  

Infinitely curious and ridiculously optimistic, 

with a million interests and a million questions.

Math, physics, philosophy, neuroscience, 

beauty, love, art, life, and meaning. All of it.  

The best parts are at the intersections.


I started this novel when I was 17.

Some book(s) require you to live a bit before tending to them.

Gallery 33 is the first in a series.  

It is a story about awakenings.


And because my daughter insisted, I'll add that I live happily with my husband and three bossy children.

imagery by Grace Taylor

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