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blueberry OCD geometry
ganesha hands
coffee fire
consider the lotus
sunday bloody plaid
christmas bloody plaid
palm road
proper tea
outer space garden
inner space garden
dream maker
lucky horse
magic mushrooms
smiles unleashed
all out there
wrinkles and fine lines
old beauty
umbrella pine hide and seek
mary offering
navona offering
orange glory
gray omen
lemon trophy
ivana convention
english peas
german peas
pea green door
why not
big boy
folks dancing
rusted horses
racing horses
nyc visit
nyc taxi
hot dog hula
orchid vigil
garbage can wisdom
dream catcher
light strings
power strings
power structures
two ways
umbrella market
big star
bread crumb bait
at attention
many layers
pink pigeons
garfield visit
purple lady
traffic jam
cloud bridge
cloud road
worker's hands
blue dream
road dream
green then orange
orange darkness
art gallery
leashed smiles
mericana glory
mericana dreams
surfboard hero
red and green
offering visit
old beauty
silver beauty
land rover retirement park
secret garden darkness

Instagrammed images are interwoven throughout Gallery 33.

The interplay of pictures and words tells a story. 


Many of these images inspired writing, and sometimes, 

the writing begged for visual complements.  


Encouraged by the Impressionists and all of Modern Art,

these images and the writing seek to...

...uncover the universal in the everyday...

...capture the eternal from the transitory...

...and discover beauty even in darkness.

MIT neuroscientists find the brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds.


What vision does is find concepts.  

That’s what the brain is doing all day long. 


  — Mary Potter, MIT professor of brain and cognitive sciences, via MIT News Office

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